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Re: shorewall & IMAP

Paul Cartwright schreef:
I was having a problem today, trying my laptop & IMAP from my debian desktop. I looked in the rules file, & figured out why my web server wasn't working. It only showed port 80, but I had changed apache to port 81, forgetting about shorewall! When I saw the port 80 in there, I changed it to 81 & apached started working again.

But I am still having a problem getting IMAP mail from the desktop via IMAP to my laptop. When I turn off shorewall I get the mail.
Here is what I added to rules:

# grep IMAP rules
# IMAP server
IMAP/ACCEPT     net   $FW

what else do I need for shorewall to let me get IMAP email ?
Running the firewall on your desktop? Then you need

You can try if it works by telnetting from your laptop to your desktop on port 143 (plain) or 993 (ssl). Check in the main time your /var/log/messages on the desktop to see if any blocked traffic has been logged.

Good luck!

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