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Re: How to install an older version (3.0) of OpenOffice?

2011-02-12 08:32, Dietrich Bollmann skrev:
Does somebody know from where and how to install Impress 3.0 ?
I am using Debian sid.

I have no idea if it will work with a current sid, but older debian packages are available via the "snapshot" service. See <http://snapshot.debian.org/binary/openoffice.org-impress/> for different versions of impress.

I assume you will need to install other packages from snapshot as well, but I do not know how that is best achieved without risking your sid installation, apt-pinning or schroot come to mind, but I have not tried those with snapshot myself, so I do not know if it will work.

Personally, if I would need to get it to work quickly, and without risking the debian installation (by mixing library versions) I would probably install lenny in a virtualbox environment, and then add the relevant line to snapshot.debian.org in my apt sources. Then I would try to install impress 3.0 from there, but schroot or perhaps lxc would probably work just as well.

As I said, I never tried anything using snapshots, so all of this is just guessing.

/ johan

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