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Re: guidance for making a .Xresources file.

Chris Jones wrote:
> Ah, yes.. I'm unclear as to how I got to have vnc4server and
> tightvncserver both installed on my machine. :-)

Good for testing them out!

> Now the problem is that I use the old, possibly deprecated, ~/.Xdefaults
> and I have a lot of stuff in there. Since I was in a rush and testing
> something unrelated, when I saw that I was gettting the wrong fonts,
> colors, etc. etc. I just duplicated did: cp .Xdefaults .Xresources.  

Seems reasonable to me.

> That's what gave me the idea of the empty ~/.Xresources file. 

Again that seems reasonable to me.

> But since debian systems also have tons of X system-wide resources in
> /etc/X11/app-defaults/*, I think I should keep that in mind, and check
> whether whatever vnc server I'm running is aware of those.. or maybe
> they're picked up by default anyway and I shouldn't worry about it.

They are picked up anyway.

  /etc/X11/app-defaults != /etc/X11/Xresources

I ranted about the many and various ways resources are provided to
applications in a previous message recently.  It isn't simple.

And if you look through /etc/X11/Xresources/* you will probably find
that you can live without those most of the time without noticing that
you are missing them.  So ignoring them is probably safe enough.  By
having an empty .Xresources and loading the empty file with xrdb you
will be missing the contents of /etc/X11/Xresources but I think you
can live well enough without those and not worry about it.  As a user
you are allowed to override that configuration.


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