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Re: Help with my Squeeze upgrade! (missing fonts)

On Wed, 09 Feb 2011 08:40:30 -0800, Erin Brinkley wrote:

> I just took the plunge and upgraded from Lenny to Squeeze. Now I'm
> having some trouble! I mean, I can start X and go online and send email,
> but a few things are broken and number one is my fonts!


This is a shoot in the dark, but maybe you are experiencing some of the 
side effects this FAQ is pointing out :-?


Q: After a dist-upgrade I lost my fonts. I have only a couple of fonts to 
choose from and none of them are Helvetica that I use for my desktop and 
the konsole font is also not as it used to be.

A: Chances is that fontconfig has been upgraded and the standard 
local.conf has overwritten your version. The following fc-cache run has 
then removed all cached bitmap fonts. In order to solve this problem, 
edit /etc/fonts/local.conf and enable the bitmapped fonts by removing the 
<!-- and --> comment markers below the sentence <!-- Uncomment below to 
enable bitmapped fonts --> then, as root, rerun the command 'fc-cache -
fv' to recreate the font cache. Programs can now be restarted to use the 
proper fonts. 



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