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Re: Sticking with Lenny

On Ma, 08 feb 11, 15:22:08, Bernard wrote:
> My 'sources.list' has a few calls for 'stable', and some calls for
> 'lenny'. How am I to know for sure whether or not I have already
> installed packages from Squeeze ? Last package I installed was
> 'xine-ui' and, not later than 2-3 days ago, I have installed
> libdvdcss2 and w32codecs. How am I to know whether it is too late to
> changes calls to "stable" to calls to "Lenny" ?

First change all occurrences of 'stable' to 'lenny' and run an 'update'. 
This can't hurt even if you did install some packages from squeeze. Then 
you can run

    aptitude search ~S~i~Astable

to get the list of packages from stable/squeeze. You might want to try 
that with 'testing' as well, since I saw a testing entry in your 

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