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Re: Trying to use the Droid fonts in xterm

On Sat, 05 Feb 2011 09:59:32 +0000, Liam O'Toole wrote:

> On 2011-02-05, John Magolske wrote:


>>   XTerm*font:  Droid Sans Mono:style=Regular
>> But get this:
>>   unable to open font "Droid Sans Mono:style=Regular", trying
>>   "fixed"....
>> Any tips on how to get the Droid fonts working with xterm?
> In the case of TrueType fonts you need to specify the faceName and
> faceSize resources, e.g.,
> 	XTerm*faceName: Droid Sans Mono
> 	XTerm*faceSize: 9
> Or you can specify the same at startup:
> 	xterm -fa "Droid Sans Mono" -fs 9

Hum... this should also work for the OP:

xterm -fa "Droid Sans Mono:style=Regular" -fs 9

But if I set the font face and font size from "~/.Xresources" it seems to 
be omitted (no warning nor error, but the font does not change) :-?



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