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Paravirtualization kvm with libvirt


I have some questions regarding 
ie., paravirtualization kvm with libvirt

Followings are quotes and my questions, 

| We assume that you have installed the virtio-compatible guest
| under KVM using libvirt (ie. using something like virt-install or
| virt-manager).

What's the default libvirt package for Debian? 

| Note, this step (changing Disk (block) device driver ) is only
| needed in order to transition a guest from IDE or SCSI to
| virtio. If you initially install the guest using a virtio disk, or
| if you update the kernel package while booted from a virtio disk,
| then this step is not needed.

I had always been starting my kvm using command line:

  kvm -m 1024 -hda hda . . . 

I.e., the HD device had already been created, and I never need to
specify any driver before. What should I do to use the virtio 
drive interface?

Moreover, is the paravirtualization only involves network and 
disk drivers? How about mouse? I.e., the copy/paste from/to
host feature, is it possible now?

All in all, is there nice step-by-step how-to for paravirtualization 
Linux guest with libvirt for Debian?


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