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Re: Hidden Wireless WPA2-PERSONAL AES-CCMP trouble

> Hi,


> I am in a hidden wireless network with this settings:

If you have control of this network, change it from hidden to visible.
First, because it provides no security benefits, and second because
"the 802.11i specification amendment (which defines WPA2, discussed
later) even states that a computer can refuse to communicate with an
access point that doesn't broadcast its SSID." [1]

It's entirely possible that Windows connects and Debian/Ubuntu don't
because they implement this specification properly, while Windows
ignores it and allows you the false sense of security that comes from
connecting to a "hidden" network. Note, I said 'possible', not

> - Status: Hidden
> - Autentication: Wpa2 - personal
> - Encryption: AES - CCMP
> - Password: 626C7F365F403572706F66
> - DHCP

There is no need to post the password, and if it's the correct one
then I'd suggest you change it. Your email could be enough to find
your location. And the information in signature would help a bit as
well. :)

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