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Re: help

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> "sudo " is shorter than saying "as the root user: ".  "su -c " is
> longer than "sudo ".  Explaining how and when to "su -" and "exit"
> is usually longer than any of them.  None of them are correct on all
> systems.
> So, it's not about being correct.  It's about being both terse and 
> descriptive at the same time.
> If the reply comes back with "su doesn't work" or "sudo doesn't
> work", you can see they missed the point entirely and educate them
> about what is "being root", the dangers of "being root", and how to
> do it on various Debian-alike systems.

Full agreement!  These excellently presented reasons are why I use
'sudo' in my explanations and will continue to do so.


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