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About Asterisk, 'best' practices, suggestions, etc.

Hello, kind people.

I'm interested if people on the lists are using asterisk (well, of course they are), but: 

In what environments you use Asterisk, is it just small hobby systems, or small/medium business environments; 

Do you use just plain asterisk or with various GUI add-ons such as FreePBX or Asterisk-GUI;

Do you prefer Debian packaged Asterisk, or you compile it from source, or are there any other third-party repositories? I'm aware of Xorcom packaged Asterisk for Debian, but they're leaning towards CentOS based  systems like Elastix and/or Trixbox, Also, there were lots of third party repositories for Asterisk, but all of them seem to be dead;

Which is the 'best' way to implement asterisk based Debian box, regarding problems of upgrading of both, Debian an Asterisk? Right now i administer over 10 compiled Asterisk Debian Lenny boxes with FreePBX and once Squeeze will be released, i'm thinking, wouldn't it be better to use Debian packages of Asterisk instead of compiling?

Are there any Debian based turn-key solutions? All of popular Asterisk solutions are based on CentOS, even Digiums official AsteriskNOW. and if no, why?

I'm asking this, because, in nearest future I have to implement quite big VoIP system for one organization, that will contain PBXes, call-center, billing and routing, gateway servers, and because, I'm much more familiar with Debian then other distros, I prefer to base those servers on Debian, and allthrough I have really pleasant experience with Debian + Asterisk  systems,  right now, I feel that I might build those systems a bit better...

So any suggestions, personal experience would be very helpful and interesting..

Sorry for my English, and thanks in advance!


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