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Re: [squeeze] "Open with..." gone from Ark?

On 01/29/2011 12:26 PM, S D wrote:
--- On Sat, 1/29/11, godo<goran@dobosevic.com>  wrote:

maybe is something wrong because on my Squeeze you can do
it with right
mouse->open with->ark or just right mouse and

Once you opened an archive file with Ark, Ark will show you the content of the archive. Now, select/highlight one of the archived files and then do a RMB click. In Lenny, a RMB would open a menu with one of the items being "Open with..." that would allow you to select a specific app to open the file with.

In Squeeze, a RMB click when you're *inside* Ark seemingly does nothing, all you can do is to preview a file in the Ark internal viewer, you can't open it with an application of your choice.

So, it appears that in Squeeze one would have to *explicitly* extract the file first in order to open it with a specific app instead of the internal viewer. One extra step as compared to Lenny, one extra step I'd like to avoid.


Sadly thats true. With 'xarchiver' you can inside archive select file and choose your own app for opening file. And one more dumb thing is if you open .pdf inside ark you can't copy text, enlarge text etc.

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