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apache2 ftp password

For the purpose of web site development and testing, I installed
apache2 as a local http server on another machine in the LAN.  

The default web page directory is /var/www .  Of course, this
directory is owned by root.

I would like to use an ftp client such as ncftp or lftp to upload web
pages to the local server, just as I would upload pages to the server
of a commercial hosting outfit.  But I do not wish to use the root
password for this purpose, even within the protected environment of
the LAN.

Where in the apache configuration may this password be set?  And is
there any difference between the account/password for the apache
administrator and the account/password of non-anonymous apache users?

I have not encountered this question before, inasmuch as the web
hosting outfit simply provides me with an administrator password.


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