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Re: What no Quanta in Squeeze!?

Rico Secada wrote:
> I'll have to stick with Lenny or change the distro if quanta isn't
> part of squeeze.

Before upgrading to KDE4, I just put quanta on hold, along with the
other applications of kdewebdev:

# aptitude hold quanta kfilereplace klinkstatus kommander kxsldbg

I have Quanta Plus 3.5.9 running fine in both Squeeze and Sid now.

I removed the 'hold' on quanta afterwards:
    aptitude unhold quanta
Not sure whether it is safe to do so for the rest, as long as Quanta 4
isn't there yet.
To check what you have put on hold:
$ aptitude search ~ahold

Last version of Ubuntu I saw was 9.10, it still had Quanta 3 in its
repos. Once you know the trick, it's easy to install Ubuntu alongside
Debian for purposes like this, and you can keep Debian as your main

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