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Re: X: set resolution in Squeeze on a Macbook

Richard Lawrence schreef:
Hi all,

I've just installed Squeeze on a Macbook (2,1) and I'm wondering how I
can get X to display at the native 1280x800 resolution.  I've searched
the Web and Debian list archives, but nothing seems to turn up
quite the information I need.

I'm not sure exactly how to do this.  I read that Xorg -config can dump
X's auto-detected configuration, which I could then tweak, but I am not
sure exactly what command I would use to do this ("Xorg -config" alone
yields "Required argument to -config not specified").

<...................>   snip

as far as i know the command is *not* Xorg conf but you have to do as root *Xorg -configure*

please try this out.

k. regards,


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