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Re: OpenSSH key based authorisation problem

Le 14992ième jour après Epoch,
Adrian Levi écrivait:

> Carolyn is a newly created test account, nothing but "adduser carolyn"
> and "ssh-keygen -b4096"
> My key is 4096 bytes long, it works, default length keys didn't work
> so I thought i'd try the same key length.
> This box is newly updated from lenny to testing, although the package
> versions are identical (Version: 1:5.5p1-6) with another Squeeze box
> that works perfectly.
> I discovered this problem while trying to set up a sftp account for a
> Website designer, My accound can sftp perfectly.
> I can't think on what else to provide at the moment.

Did you put the public key on the correct .ssh/authorised_keys ? The new
user (carolyn) must have his/her own ~/.ssh/authorized_keys, or you must
try "ssh -v adrian@localhost" if you put the key on adrian's home.

My 2 cents.

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