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Re: Maximum size of temporary files

Rodolfo Medina:
> All right, I didn't want to be prolix.  This happens when I try to catch a
> streaming video from internet.  On my system, while the video is running from
> the web, it is stored in the directory ~/.mozilla/firefox/<garbage>/Cache.
> After it's all stored, I collect it from there and `mv' it at my pleasure.
> Now, usually when the file reaches 5.5MB, a new file is created in /tmp and the
> loading continues there.  So the video gets broken into small pieces that I
> have to search for here and there, which is uncomfortable.  That's why I want
> to know how to get rid of that limit of 5.5MB.

What about about:config, media.cache_size? Just a guess. Your question
might be answered better in a Firefox-specific forum.

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