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Re: hp dj 2050

Gilbert Sullivan schreef:
On 01/13/2011 09:32 AM, Camaleón wrote:
Here is the problem. You have used CUPS to setup the printer instead
using the hplip utility. Try to setup the printer using the hplip wizard,
if the printer needs to get any additional plugin, firmware or filter
they should be automatically fetched when using hplip.

Or you can also try with "hp-plugin -i" command.


Yup. My experience with several different multi-function devices from HP in Debian is that it works best to run

# hp-setup -i <ip address of multi-function device>

This leads through a rather ugly CLI dialog. You just answer the questions as you go along, and hp-setup configures the printer / fax / scanner. Trying other approaches has sometimes netted me no results at all, and sometimes it has given me the printer functionality, but not the scanner functions. (SANE couldn't find the scanners until hp-setup was run in interactive mode.)

Note that it is _important_ to delete any instance of the new printer / fax from the CUPS localhost:631 location before attempting to run hp-setup. After hp-setup has been run you should see both the printer and the fax device (if any) in the CUPS printers page.

I hope this is helpful. I won't pretend to be an expert on this at all. I just know that it has worked for me for every support HP MFD I've had to install.

Best regards,

thank you (all) very much. i'll put your messages thru to my friend who lives on his farm 30 miles from here. i think/hope we cam manage now, now we have learned to pass by cups (and localhost:631) and to use the hplip-utility. it still puzzles me why the driver on the cup website is not in working order. so i keep looking further.

many regards,


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