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Re: [SOLVED] Is squeeze compatible with WD20EARS and other 2TB drives?

Stefan Monnier put forth on 1/11/2011 9:46 PM:
>>> I have no idea what makes you so angry against "green" drives.
>> I am against using any drive, at this time, in Linux, with a native
>> sector size other than 512 bytes.
> Again, I fail to see why you're so emotional about it.

You've got that backwards.  You own a bunch of these drives and feel I am
somehow attacking you personally when I say to stay away from the Green drives.
 If hard drives made me emotional, believe me, I'd have put a bullet in my head
long ago. :)

I think we should end this thread with this, which sums up the situation
clearly, from a higher level perspective, for any Linux users planning on buying
one of these WDC Green drives (maybe any of their drives):


>From the above page, with MUST READ in bold red type, at the top and bottom of
the page:

"MUST READ: Western Digital is unable to provide support for the Unix/Linux
operating systems outside of jumper configurations (for EIDE hard drives) and
physical installation support."

I'd not seen that before.  They don't care for our business at all, apparently.
 Note the word "unable".  That's false.  What they mean is "unwilling".


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