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Where Is the List of Installed Packages?

I have a frustrating situation.

I had a RAID go out on me and require rebuilding.  It's mostly rebuilt and all my data is intact, but not all the settings and config info and program files have been copied over yet.

And, while I have to rebuild that RAID, which is my back up -- well, you can predict the rest.

That's when a system went down on me.  It was sometime last night and now I can't even get video on the monitor for a POST, so the mobo is fried.

I do have a system I can transfer this one to, however, there's one problem: The new system uses SATA and the old drivers are PATA.  Fortunately, I can run a PATA drive on the new system, but it's going to be easier if I don't boot off it for now.

I can simply re-install Debian with no trouble, the only issue is that I don't have the up-to-date list of all the packages installed on the old PATA drive.  I can, though, plug it in and read it as a data drive.

So where on that drive can I find the list of installed packages?

Thank you!


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