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How to automatically start with a desktop environment (was: repos for squeeze as a base install.)

On Sat, 08 Jan 2011 08:29:54 -0430, Edward Monsalve wrote:

Edward, you have hijacked a thread (you replied to a message instead of 
creating a new one).

> Buenas Dias,

And this is an English-speaking list, you better send the message to the 
Spanish mailing list:


> tengo un problema con el entorno grafico, no se inicia automaticamente
> con el sistema operativo,
> tengo debian squeeze amd64 usando gnome
> yo puedo loguearme en consola y luego stratx y funciona, pero me
> gustaria que se iniciara automaticamente

It seems you want Debian starts with a graphical desktop session instead 
having to type "startx" every time at start-up.

Did you install the GDM package or any other display manager?



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