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Re: Debian or Mint for Games?

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On Sb, 08 ian 11, 08:44:25, teddieeb@tmo.blackberry.net wrote:
> So question being is there really any advantages to Mint in the gaming 
> arena over the capabilities of Debian itself? Really logic tells me 
> GNU is GNU, and a personally configured system is always better, but 
> not knowing my way around the Linux gaming world esp. Graphics support 
> maybe Mint would offer less of an upstream battle... Thoughts??

You said nothing about the games you intend to play. For free games I 
would choose the one which has the games I need already packaged 
(preferably by the distro, not third party).

OTOH, if you want to try Windows only games Debian's wine is a bit old. 
Even wine-unstable in unstable is still only 1.1.32. To get StarCraft II 
working I had to use wine1.3 (1.3.10?) from the Ubuntu PPA for 10.10, 
which seems to work fine on squeeze. I took the risk because this was a 
dedicated install which I was willing to trash, I wouldn't have risked 
that on my main system.

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