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Re: Avoiding inconsistencies when using reprepro update

Am 07.01.2011 04:15, schrieb Simon Hollenbach:
> Another thought - Followup on my own last message in thread: Does the
> same happen when trying to get your local repo from a late snapshot?
> Snapshot.debian.org someone just mentioned it. These are not changing
> and I would suggest u can ignore the warnings you get with them.
> Afterwards u could update your repo to date...

Hi Simon,

as far as I can tell, the warning issued by reprepro is related to its
internal state, not to potential changes in the archive reprepro is
copying files from. I guess, repropro's database could end up in an
inconsistent state if reprepro is interrupted during an update. But my
machine will shut down before a full distribution is downloaded. So
reprepro's update operation will be interrupted multiple times before
the local archive is complete.

I would like to find out whether it is possible to use reprepro under
these circumstances before I start a big download.


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