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Re: lighttpd - fastcgi-php - php5-cgi

It is working well! :)
I was trying to make apache2 fcgid/fascgi with suexec or suphp working for two days.. :|
With lighttpd + fastcgi_php + php5-cgi it is much more easy and fast!


On 2011.01.05. 21:33, Bob Proulx wrote:
Informatik.hu wrote:
I would like use lighttpd with fastcgi-php. Fastcgi-php connects to
php5-cgi on
I can start "php5-cgi -b" with root, but i would like
to run in with another user, like www-data.
Ports below 1024 are available only to the root user.  In order to use
them with a non-root user you would need to pick a port above 1024.

Exactly i want to run multiple php5-cgi  with multiple user
(different ports per virtual hosts).

When i try to start php5-cgi with a normal user, i got the

"Cannot bind/listen socket - [13] Permission denied. Couldn't create
FastCGI listen socket on port"
Correct.  To use port 521 or 522 it needs to be opened by the root
user.  This is a security restriction.

How can i star php5-cgi with a normal, or reduced user?
The best solution would be to pick a port above 1024.


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