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Re: build your own ... (primarily Linux/Debian multiboot box)

Albretch Mueller wrote:
 this is not a hardware community but you will see why I ask this q here:
 At sites like these:
 you find pretty good outlines/step-by-step guides on how to build a
PC on your own. The thing is that these guidelines mostly "follow the
money" instead of doing a use case analysis of the hardware (e.g.
optimal balance of quantity and type/quality of memory + SSD and
harddrives (+ mainboard/processor)) that would let you grow as you go
 Even though I almost exclusively work on Linux/Debian, I need to
build a multiboot PC and one of the critical points to me is for the
box to easily go into hibernation (and back ;-)) in no time and with
no problem whatsoever. I know the combination of right hard- and
software is very important for that to happen safely

In the boxes I have built I have *never* been able to predict hibernation success: it seems to me that is too dependent on what hardware combination you have. Especially vulnerable seems to me to be USB devices: they always fail to come backup in my case YMMV


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