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Re: build your own ... (primarily Linux/Debian multiboot box)

On Sun, 02 Jan 2011 15:27:12 +0000, Albretch Mueller wrote:


>  Even though I almost exclusively work on Linux/Debian, I need to
> build a multiboot PC and one of the critical points to me is for the box
> to easily go into hibernation (and back ;-)) in no time and with no
> problem whatsoever. I know the combination of right hard- and software
> is very important for that to happen safely 

Hibernation is not "bullet-proof" because hardware manufacturers do not 
certify their drivers for linux (no "Energy Star compliance" here). It 
can work for sometime and then break (due to a kernel or VGA/wifi driver 
upgrade) so my advice is that you select the components that best suit 
your needs and budget, ensure all the components are more or less linux-
friendly and the try to solve the problems you encounter in the way. 

Of course, the more open drivers you use, the better to get this working 
(proprietary VGA or wifi drivers can be hard to debug and there are many 
chances developers reject a bug when using these closed drivers).



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