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Re: making a pdf file smaller the debian way....

Michael Fothergill:
> Doug:
> > Just in the last day or two, someone wrote to the list (probably
> > this one) that there are a couple of repos you can get to from
> > Debian that hold proprietary software, and probably Adobe Acrobat.
> I have the debian non free mulltimedia link set up in my apt sources
> file. I did
> apt-get update && apt-get install acroread
> and successfully installed Acrobat 9 but when I tried it although it
> read the pdf file in fine the google search tip of using the file
> reduction option in the document menu option didn't seem to appear.

You're confusing Adobe Reader with Adobe Acrobat.  The latter, meant
for manipulating pdfs (not just reading them), is only commercially

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