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Re: [OT] Stupid consumers and inferior hardware

On Fri, Dec 31, 2010 at 08:33:28PM EST, John Jason Jordan wrote:


> It will be a long time before I install an nVidia proprietary driver
> again.

When I installed ‘lenny’ on this new laptop, the ‘nv’ driver was the
default. At some point I figured I'd watch some TV news, and I noticed
that the successive frames were not rendered smoothly and that the audio
was unpleasantly lagging. I noticed the same with diverse podcasts and
yotube flsame flash videos. 

I proceeded to install the version of the proprietary nvidia driver that
comes with ‘lenny’ and everything I threw at it was just about as smooth
as on my TV.

Am I mistaken in assuming that you now need hardware acceleration for
a pleasant video experience?

I have not tried the ‘nouveau’ driver and have not had the time to
research it and verify how well my card is supported.

I could be wrong but my impression is that due to Nvidia's policies,
support for recent video cards is usually either non-existent or
incomplete (?)

So, depending on your hardware and what you plan to do with it, I'm not
sure you can stay away from proprietary drivers at this point.


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