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Re: Monitor question

Dne, 30. 12. 2010 06:58:42 je Stan Hoeppner napisal(a):
Johan Kullstam put forth on 12/29/2010 11:25 PM:

> Good for you.  My gripe is that one can no longer choose.  It's
> shortscreen or nothing.
> I had an old thinkpad t42 with a 14" 1440x1050 and it rocked.  It
> weighed only 4.5 lbs even with cd drive. For me, it was an optimal size > and weight. The current offerings are all inferior - they are heavier,
> have less vertical screen dimension and worse resolution.

You're a member of a super-minority Johan.  The majority of the
marketplace wants wide screen, which is why you're finding little or
nothing else but widescreen. Even the little toy netbook computers all
have widescreen LCDs.  That's very telling about the market.


<personal and highly biased rant>
I would go with George Carlin here: When you see how stupid an average consumer is, consider that half of them are even more stupid than that.

The majority of the marketplace doesn't "want" widescreen any more that it "wants" Digital Rights Management -- and yet it gets both rammed down its throat (or, sometimes, up some other orifice). Why is that? It's because they're too stupid (or careless) to really know what they want. Vendors, on the other hand, know *extremely* well what they want (to cut costs, increase production volume, increase market share etc.).

It's not hard to imagine what happens when the twain -- an extremely cunning and an extremely careless subject -- meet: it happens on a daily basis, and it's called "the marketplace". The place you go to when you want to get royally scr***d.

In an ideal world, you could counter that simply by being a well informed consumer instead of a careless one. In the real world, however, everything has already been decided in advance: usually, by the vendors and by the most careless and most uninformed -- the majority.
</personal and highly biased rant>


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