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Re: Allowing network printing through Arno's IP Tables

On 29/12/10 16:17, Camaleón wrote:
On 28/12/10 15:02, Camaleón wrote:
I'm not very good at "firewalling" but I guess you will have to put
your internal network inside the "trusted" side. By performing a quick
read on the Arno's IP tables manual
("/usr/share/doc/arno-iptables-firewall/ README.gz") I suppose it
should be set using "FULL_ACCESS_HOSTS" variable. If that works, then
you can fine-tune the rule and allow access only to the desired host in
the required port.
Try to set the variable I said on my previous post, adjust it to fit your
needs and reload the firewall service, then test Cups again. Basically,
what this variable should do is telling iptables "hey, "eth0" manages my
lan traffic so reject all the external connections (from remote-to-lan)
but relax the rules within the internal one (lan-to-lan)."

I'll try this again in a bit and come back to you.

Hint: "readme" file has a "quick setup" section with some useful tips for
each usage scenario.


Thanks as always


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