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Re: PPTP Issues in Debian Testing/Squeeze


Roland Rosier a écrit :
> I get a huge number of lines in my syslog saying:
> Dec 27 12:51:54 xxxxx pptp[5043]: anon log[decaps_gre:pptp_gre.c:414]:
> buffering packet 20895 (expecting 20894, lost or reordered)

1) It could be a packet loss issue at the link layer level. Run a packet
sniffer such as tcpdump or wireshark/tshark on the ethernet interface
connected to the modem and capture the GRE traffic (IP proto 47). Then
check whether the expected packet numbers reported in syslog during the
capture are just reordered or actually missing.

2) Check the counters in the output of ifconfig for that interface too.

3) If everything seems fine at the link layer level, try to disable the

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