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Re: Re: Weird icon colors in squeeze (ppc). Which package should i file a bug report for?

> Maybe your icon's cache file is corrupted somehow :-?
> You can try to update it with "gtk-update-icon-cache" command (read the
> man page for a proper usage). Or you can also try by renaming the 
> original "/usr/share/icons/your_theme/icon-theme.cache" file so it gets 
> recreated from scratch.

I updated the the icon cache for the gnome icon set (which is what the Clearlooks theme uses). I also tried renaming the cache file and updating it again. Neither strategy fixed the problem. The thing is, the default gnome icons work ok for Aramanth, but not for Clearlooks or other themes.

The issue seems related to the display of different types controls. Selecting controls (in the customization pane) other than those used in Aramanth, seems to cause the issue. Also, I'm guessing that open office writer uses its own controls settings, as the theme looks the same (and the buttons all look yellow) despite the theme settings.

Any other ideas?

Thanks for the help.

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