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Re: Debian 5 installation


On Sat, Dec 04, 2010 at 12:36:20PM +0000, Harry Scott wrote:
> I wanted help to install a nvidia legacy graphics driver for TNT 2  AGP
> so I thought to contact the user lists for guidance. This was not
> possible because:
> 1 When I tried to use evolution after asking permission (used windows
> mail to confirm) I couldn't move its window up to click on forward. The
> default vga video setting making the window too large.
> 2 I thought, having read the installation instructions, Lenny would note
> that a nvidia driver was needed. Looking at the xorg.conf file it
> obviously couldn't. Configured device was all it said.
> 3 I read the Debian wiki after downloading appropriate driver from
> Nvidia. And downloaded nvidia-xconfig the missing piece of the puzzle.
> I think your help on the installation is ego-centric. Is it possible to
> get easier assistance?

Everyone, including me and you, are ego-centric in some way.  

You want free help by yelling.  No a good way.  You can always pay to
get help ....

I have to admit that Debian still has high technical hurdle for some, or
I should say most non-technical, people.  But we do our best to get
skill to drive this OS.  

The installation manual is one you need to read.
It's list is available one click from http://www.debian.org/.


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