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Re: How to disable services at startup... and keep them so.

Sven Joachim wrote:
> Tom H wrote:
> > It's safer to use insserv's override mechanism.
> It's also more convenient.  If you edit the script itself, dpkg will
> pester you with its conffile prompt every time the maintainer changes
> something in the script.

In my case that pestering is a feature.  There are two cases.  In one
case I am doing something temporarily.  I don't want it permanently
disabled but just temporarily while I am hacking on something.  This
reminder from dpkg on the next package is good in that case because if
I am forgetful it reminds me I need to clean up that temporary hack.

The second case is on a Stable server.  In which case I am also
pestered every release about it.  And on Debian's release cycle
timeline that is a good interval to examine things and decide if I
need to keep that local modification or if I can avoid it.  Every two
years with the next Stable release is about the right time for that
type of work.  About every two years with the Stable release isn't
really an annoying level of pestering.

But I agree that for those running Sid with the frequent churn that
the routine pestering then would be annoying.  In which case if I
wanted something permanent I would probably remove the package.
Installation and removal are so trouble free and easy that I would
definitely just remove the package.  Or disabling with the symlinks is
okay too.  If the package were in a dependency chain or likely to come
back due to a dependency then leaving the configuration in the
symlinks would be the only way.

To be clear I am saying that I realize that there isn't only one use
model.  Different cases will want different ways of dealing with it.


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