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Re: Feedback needed: How to disable services at startup... and keep them so.

On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 6:11 AM, Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 09 Dec 2010 03:54:11 -0500, Tom H wrote:
>> On Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 10:38 AM, Camaleón wrote:
>> Whenever I use update-rc.d on a sid box to stop/remove/disable, I get a
>> "using concurrency based boot sequencing" message with a warning about
>> runlevels.
>> It's just a warning so I guess that it's OK but I don't like it and now
>> avoid update-rc.d.
> The warning can be ignored but the service levels are not touched and it
> does not work as expected (meaning, the service is not disabled at all).

It was silly of me to say that the warning can be ignored given that
my own testing showed that nothing was done...

>> Furthermore, how does insserv deal with the scripts if you assign S20 to
>> network-manager and it depends on a service that insserv has numbered
>> S21?
> It can be tweaked or so it says man page :-)

Which man page? Since you're using update-rc.d, of course you can
assign a start number higher than 21 with update-rc.d if a service
depends on a service that insserv has numbered 21. My point was more
"how do you know the highest start number that insserv has assigned to
a service that service that you're editing depends upon?"

>>>> The best way that I've found to deviate from the LSB headers is to use
>>>> "/etc/insserv/overrides/".
>>> I'll have to test that, but first I would like to know if there is
>>> another method to get the job done. I'd like to understand what I am
>>> doing wrong.
>> If you're using Squeeze/Sid and therefore have an insserv-controlled
>> boot-process, why not use an insserv solution?
>> There's more typing to be done but it works.
> Simple, because it wasn't the advertized method for doing it.

man insserv

>> I've just tried "update-rc.d -f remove nfs-kernel-server; update-rc.d
>> nfs-kernel server stop 2 3 4 5 ." and rebooted to find that
>> nfs-kernel-server is still running.
> Yep. But you missed the level number.

The level number isn't needed.

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