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Re: gnome darkllook theme: missing icon on upperleft

On Tue, 07 Dec 2010 19:34:39 +0800, Jerome BENOIT wrote:

> On 07/12/10 19:23, Camaleón wrote:

>>> Do you know its full name ?
>> Whom full name? :-)
>> Theme is named "Clearlooks" and icon set is called "GNOME".
> I meant the name of the logo: a xpm file I guess.

Oops O:-), let me to perform a visual search in my icon folders...


Damn... I cannot find it. It seems to be a single window, a very common 
icon in GNOME but no dice, I've only found a png file but it has two 
windows >:-?
>> But my xterm icon is quite simple and not very figurative:
>> http://picpaste.com/xterm-fcROD9Ra.png
> mine is here:
> http://picpaste.com/Screenshot-QuFQmiuK.png

Hey, that is the right icon, I think. Don't you like it? At least is 
quite descriptive for the tool (a "terminal" with an "X" → xterm) ;-P
>>>> You can try with another icon set or install new ones ("gnome-extra-
>>>> icons") :-?
>>> I have tried: I have still the same icon: I guess it is a default one.
>> Which icon set are you using? Gion? :-?
> No idea: see the above picture.

Hum... Google is fantastic :-). Try this:

xterm -xrm '*iconPixmap: /usr/share/ghostscript/8.62/lib/gs_l.xbm'

But, how does GNOME use another icon format (*.xpm/*.png/*.svg) for the 
icon? :-?



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