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Re: Can't find latex

On Tue, 07 Dec 2010 07:19:48 +0100, Andreas wrote:

> Am 06.12.2010 20:28, schrieb Camaleón:
>> Then you should ask yourself why "kpackage" is failing in searching
>> those packages while other tools just work fine>:-)
> Okay, asking myself... Unfortunately the answer is: "dunno, but KPackage
> is the prominent tool in the debian KDE menu".
> Is there something wrong with KPackage or the debian KDE menu?

If there is, you can report it.

Synaptic (which is the GUI tool I've got installed) can find "textlive-
latex-base" just fine.

> I also started apt-get, but this works not at all.

"apt-cache search texlive-latex-base" should do the job.

Side note: ensure you are feeding your package manager with the proper 
repositories -refreshed and enabled- in "/etc/apt/sources.list".



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