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Re: Can't find latex

Andreas wrote:
Richard Lawrence wrote:

Hi Andreas,

Now comes the problem. TexLive is installed. But it does not contain
LaTeX! I searched in the KPackage software manager for "latex" but could
only find some additional packages like latex-cjk-korean.

How do I get LaTeX? Tex-Live should have latex included!

Do you have the texlive-latex-base package installed?
texlive-latex-base is not available in KPackage.
Only these texlive packages are displayed in KPackage:

texlive-base                    2007.dfsg.2-1~lenny2
texlive-base-bin                2007.dfsg.2.4+lenny3
texlive-common                  2007.dfsg.2.1~lenny2
texlive-doc-base                2007.dfsg.2.1
texlive-fonts-recommended       2007.dfsg.2-1~lenny2

So don' t use KPackage but apt-get, because it is available in Lenny, which you are running?


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