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Re: replying to an old list thread.

Thank You for Your time and answer, Camaleón:

> Glad to help. I also learn a lot from this list :-)

Me too. Hope I will be helpful to other Debian users too, one day. :)

> > It does not work for me, nor I want it, actually. But it should be
> > so - it is true.  
> Does not work? :-?

Yea, the browser and email client work under different users and this
under the third's X session. :)
> The HTML code is a "mailto:"; link, so your default e-mail client
> should be launched as soon as you click on there. Maybe your e-mail
> cient is not being associated with the "mailto:"; handler? :-?

Probably. ;)
> Anyway, this method lacks the most important thing, which is whole
> cited text in the message body, which you have to copy/paste in the
> new generated message with a proper quoting. Not very convenient, IMO.

Yes, I forgot about it.

Than I will do as it was suggested already here - start a new thread w/
the reference to the old one.

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