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Re: Cannot mount floppy drive in Squeeze

On Sun, 05 Dec 2010 21:26:06 -0500 (EST), Bob Proulx wrote:
> Stephen Powell wrote:
>>    mount -t msdos /dev/fd1 /media/floppy1
>> ...
>> It tells me that /media/floppy1 is not mounted!  When I try to read the data
>> directly with
>>    dd if=/dev/fd1 of=erase.me count=1
>> It successfully reads the boot sector into the file erase.me; so the
>> drive and the disk itself seem to be OK.
> Since you can read the disk try reading the entirety of the floppy
> over to your filesystem.  Then try mounting the resulting file using
> the loopback device.
>   mount -o loop,ro /path/to/floppy-image /media/floppy1
> Perhaps that will give a clue.

Yes, that works.
> I suspect that the data on the floppy is corrupted.  But you will need
> more digging to find out the root cause.

No, the data is intact, as the mounting of the image file with
the loop option confirms.  Also, further experimentation seems
to suggest that if the floppy disk is physically mounted in the
floppy drive during boot, then I can logically mount it with the
mount command after boot.  This really is looking like a bug.
I intend to file a bug report, but I'd like to do some more
trial-and-error experimentation before I do.  Thanks to everyone
who offered suggestions.

  .''`.     Stephen Powell    
 : :'  :
 `. `'`

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