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no x windows

so, i go to install openssh-server on a machine that i intend to be a web
development environment and it wants to install libx11-6, x11-common,
libx11-data and some other stuff. i went to track down what was depending on
x libraries, but i decided it really doesn't matter - why do i need x
libraries to run an ssh server?

i've spent two hours googling (and even bing) on how to keep x windows off
of debian. i've found tons of stuff about x windows problems which is ironic
since my problem is keeping a minimalistic system which doesn't include x. i
know one of the options gentoo's ports offers is not installing x (or used
to offer).

i've found some options in dpkg, but nothing in apt-get. i don't see anyway
to pass dpkg's --ignore-depends with apt-get. i'm thinking i'm looking for
something in /etc/apt/apt.conf or apt-config but i can't come up with

is it possible to have a functioning debian install without x windows? if
so, why isn't this documented maybe in the debian faq or something?
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