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Re: jewelcase insert for 5.0.7 "Lenny" Official i386 xfce+lxde-CD

In <[🔎] 1291365913.14968.1@compax>, Klistvud wrote:
>Dne, 03. 12. 2010 09:12:48 je Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. napisal(a):
>>  Getting in contact with the release team
>> might get Eric a SHA before the official release date though, so that
>> the
>> jewel case inserts can be prepared and released at the same time as
>> the
>> images.
>??? Isn't SHA bound to change with *every* fresh ISO build (even if
>just one bit of just one package is changed) ???

Yes.  I'm not too familiar with the Debian release process, but I imagine 
there is some period of time between the ISO build and it actually being 
available from the CD mirrors and advertised on the website.  During such a 
window, it may be possible to build the jewel case insert.

As an analogue, the various distribution packaging teams that are in contact 
with the KDE[1] release team get release tarballs up to a week before they are 
publicized.  This is done so that when the official release occurs, KDE can 
point users at distribution-provided packages made from the official tarballs 
which serve most users better than downloading the official tarballs 
themselves.  This allows for a relatively big, sudden release "event", rather 
than a trickle of official tarballs on day 1, a half-dozen PPAs and OBS 
packages on days 2-3, a Fedora RPM that some user try on their OpenSUSE system 
to much failure on day 4, and official packages from (irate) maintainers on 
days 5-6.  (They are irate because some users have been bugging them over-and-
over for a week that their distribution is dying because they don't have the 
latest KDE SC release but not sharing the [sometimes significant] work that 
goes into a new release of a software package as large as KDE SC.)  (It takes 
them 6 days instead of 3 for the same reason, plus the KDE mirrors are 
overloaded the entire time.)

So, probably there is *already* a post-build, pre-publication time window for 
the CD images that Eric might be able to fit into for producing high-quality 
jewel case inserts.

[1] I'm not picking on KDE, I imagine other projects of the same size might 
have similar procedures.  Really, it's a per-project preference.  Some 
projects may not be bothered by the "trickle effect" or see more value in 
getting the official release tarballs out ASAP.
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