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Re: after upgrade to squeeze keyboard does no longer work with X (solved)


>>> after an upgrade to squeeze I have the problem that my keyboard is no
>>> longer recognized by X (the mouse works). If I kill gdm/kdm from
>>> another
>>> machine via ssh, I get a console where the keyboard works. Xorg.0.log
>>> does not show any errors (and the keyboard is mentioned there).
>>> It does not matter whether the keyboard is connected via USB or PS/2.
>>> Removing my xorg.conf (to use the defaults/autodetection) does not
>>> help
>>> either.
>>> Any ideas how to debug the problem?
>> Upload "/var/log/Xorg.0.log", "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" (if any) and "/etc/
>> defaults/keyboard" to www.pastebin.com
> /etc/X11/xorg.conf is empty (well, actually I want to add something
> there, but that's not relevant for this bug, see below).
> /etc/default/keyboard contains
> XKBMODEL="pc105"
> # XKBLAYOUT="us"
> XKBVARIANT="nodeadkeys"
> Xorg.0.log for "de" layout is at http://pastebin.com/1L0yTgEx and for
> "us" layout at http://pastebin.com/XtjcCMiW. For "de" layout it works,
> but not for "us" layout.
> The only problem is, I have a "us" layout keyboard! With the "de"
> keyboard some keys are obviously wrong, but at least I am able to input
> something at all.

I found the problem. A few years ago I had a "de" keyboard. When I
switched to an "us" keyboard I changed the layout, but forgot about the
"nodeadkeys" variant. X in lenny simply ignored the wrong variant. But X
in squeeze silently fails.

The model is wrong too (should be "pc104" for a "us" layout), but that
does not seem to a problem.

I'll leave a comment in bug 571636.

Ironically, the "nodeadkeys" had exactly the opposite effect, it
rendered *all* keys dead ;-)


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