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Re: Newbie video editing question

On 11/29/2010 06:31 AM, Marc Shapiro wrote:
First off, I'm a video editing newbie.  Not a linux newbie.  I've been
running Debian since Bo.

I have a lot of video tapes lying around and I am afraid they will
degrade over time. Also, since they are not making tapes any more (or
VCRs?) I expect it will be difficult to repair my two VCRs when they
start to die on me. So I want to convert my analog tapes to digital
files while I can and write them out to DVD.

When I mentioned this to a friend, he pulled out a WinTV card, using a
Hauppauge PVR-250. Are there drivers for this in the standard kernel
tree, or do I need to get them from somewhere?

Also, what is the best capture and editing software for a newbie with
minimal needs. No flame wars, please. I know that Cinelerra is
available, but I don't know what else there is, or how easy they are to
use. For now all I really need to do is capture the analog signal from a
VCR and save it to a file. Then I want to edit out the commercials,
possibly combine multiple files, and then save the resulting file to a
dvd iso that can be mounted directly and played back, or written to a dvd.

Marc Shapiro

for video editing I'm using Kdenlive.
He has option for firewire, screen grab, video4linux and of course input from hdd.
You can make your own rendering template, modified his or just use his.
If you wont edit video there are time-line for video and audio, project monitor, record monitor, clip monitor etc.
You can find lots audio and video effect, title editor, dvd wizard etc.

This is how he looks http://dobosevic.com/nix/kdenlive.png
Goran Dobosevic
Hrvatski: www.dobosevic.com
 English: www.dobosevic.com/en/
Registered Linux User #503414

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