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Re: apt-get apting uc?

On Ma, 23 nov 10, 23:52:50, Chris Jones wrote:
> After syncing via an apt-get update and running an apt-get upgrade, I am
> seeing some unfamiliar messages when I try to install new packages:

Do you mean these?

>   Retrieving bug reports... Done
>   Parsing Found/Fixed information... Done
> → serious bugs of fusesmb (-> 0.8.7-1) <done>
>    #536907 - fusesmb: FTBFS: configure: error: Please install nmblookup. (Fixed: fusesmb/0.8.7-1.1)
> → grave bugs of fuse-utils (-> 2.7.4-1.1+lenny1) <pending>
>    #602333 - /usr/bin/fusermount: fusermount allows unmount any filesystem
> → Summary:
>    fuse-utils(1 bug), fusesmb(1 bug)
> → Are you sure you want to install/upgrade the above packages? [Y/n/?/...]


> Does the above mean that something in the debian respositories has
> changed during the eight months when I was unable to use debian and that
> I needed to follow suit and make changes to /etc/apt/sources.list?
> Since I hit enter and accepted the default ‘Y’ when asked to confirm
> whether I wanted to install the packages, have I hosed apt on my system?
> Or is it just a case of my apt-get upgrade having upgraded apt and the
> newer version being more verbose?

Seems like you installed apt-listbugs ;)

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