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Re: Great value maybe. handheld computer + phone @ RadioShack $200 only til Nov 20? $25/m unlimited internet; jor

In <1289810794.3085.1405309175@webmail.messagingengine.com>, giovanni_re 
>Is there debian for handheld computers like the below?:
>Runs Android.

Well, that means at some point in the future you will probably be able to get 
source code to the custom kernel that is running on it.  Likely no source code 
for any closed modules required to drive the CDMA hardware.

If you are willing to use the device without those modules, it would probably 
be possible to use Debian on it with a custom kernel.  That said, some of the 
software stack that came out of the OpenMoko project might be better.

If you the device is not useful to you without those closed modules, you are 
as pwned using Android as you are using MS Windows Mobile or iOS.  You'll only 
be able to get software upgrades from the manufacturer of the device, and they 
will likely stop publishing them as soon as sales start falling off.

>Two main questions I'm currently looking for answers to:
>1) How can I tether a laptop through wifi to the SI through VM to the
>1b) Tethering via USB would be better, but IIRC I heard somewhere that
>teth via USB is impossible with Android. Any way to get USB tethering
>working under Android?

I can get my Android to show up as an USB-networking device, but I didn't pay 
for the tethering option, so there's an authentication step that fails when 
the phone is going into tethering mode.  While the error dialog is up, USB-
networking seems to be functional locally, but the phone don't act as an 
Internet gateway.

>2) What is the GNU(Linux) way to use this computer?  What distro should
>I put on it?  Is there an Ubuntu or Debian distro for handheld computers
>like this?
>2b) Any suggestions about getting root & howto put a G(L) distro on?
>2c) Should I merely get root, & leave the Android system on?

See above.  Android is Linux, but not much GNU.  Debian can work, but 
distribution(s) spawned from the OpenMoko software stack is(/are) probably 
better.  You may be giving up use of some of the features by using anything 
other than the manufacturer-provided firmware.
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