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Re: problem with awstats

Camaleón wrote:
> > BTW if I enter "
> > http://www.oggthebase.org/cgi-bin/awstats.pl?config=oggthebase.org";; it
> > shows the statistics!
> IIRC, that's the standard way for virtual hosting. You have to specify
> the site you want to get the stats for.

But all the awstats documentation I've read (that included in the
Debian package, stuff I found on google) says the other way should

> > But if I enter "
> > http://www.oggthebase.org/cgi-bin/awstats.pl?config=oggthebase.org";; it
> > gives the error I mentioned.
> Both links are the same :-?

Sorry a mis-paste. I meant I get the error which I mentioned in my
first message if I enter: http://www.oggthebase.org/cgi-bin/awstats.pl
>From everything I've read this *should* work but it doesn't. Instead
it reads /etc/awstats/awstats.conf instead of reading

/etc/awstats/awstats.conf should only be triggered if someone on the
local LAN entered the localhost name since the relevant entries in
/etc/awstats/awstats.conf are:

Since I *only* use vhosts for my domains there is no one "SiteDomain"
for my web server. Thus I setup each of the separate .conf files for
each vhost. I'm not sure if awstats is expecting something else in
this default awstats.conf file or if some other part of the
configuration is in error. From everything I read I setup everything
correctly as detailed in my first message and the stats are generated
and are accessible using the
method but again from everything I've read documented the
http://www.oggthebase.org/cgi-bin/awstats.pl method should work. It
just bothers me that this doesn't work.


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