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Re: How do I keep tripwire db in sync with apt-get updates?

In <AANLkTi=AniQFz-1e_LW3OZtw9D6p5eEY1BxU3bECN_Pz@mail.gmail.com>, Josh Narins 
>Installing packages, updating packages, removing packages.
>These basic operations result in lots of tripwire noise. Was the
>change to /usr/sbin/zic part of a legitimate update, or a
>super-secret-stealth attack?
>At this point I wish I could md5sum every binary and library file
>managed by the OS and compare that to some authoritative source.

You may be interested in debsums, then.  You could possibly use it to 
determine if a file (but, not a conffile) updated by a package upgrade / 
installation is the one shipped from Debian or an attacker taking advantage of 
the window between package upgrade and tripwire scan.

In theory, it could be possible for dpkg/apt to update the tripwire database 
automatically.  I recommend against it, since then subverting dpkg/apt allows 
an attacker to subvert tripwire.  Because of different focuses, I think the 
tripwire code is much harder to subvert than the dpkg/apt code.
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