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Re: debian list problem

On Wed, 03 Nov 2010 18:55:55 +0100, godo wrote:

>> Mmm... maybe the mailing list server does not like your IP
>> ( because it appears as blacklisted under some rbl :-?
> Thanks for answer. Yes, I'm on http://www.mail-abuse.com/ and I don't
> know why.

It's quite common to get in there :-/

ISP spools for dynamic DSL IP addresses come and go between clients, so 
there is a high chance you get a blacklisted IP one day or other: one 
user sends spam and gets listed, then you power-cycle your DSL router 
which polls for a new address and you get the "dirty" one. You're damned.

> I contacted them and hope that I will soon be removed.

IP blacklisting is nowadays "futile", it should be avoided at all. Well, 
it can be useful when used along with spam filters based on scoring but 
blocking a client just by his/her IP is foolish.



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