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Re: SNMP and MIBs

Hi Cameron - 

On Mon, Nov 01, 2010 at 01:25:23AM -0000, Cameron Hutchison wrote:
> >% grep -v ^# /etc/snmp/snmp.conf 
> >mibs ALL
> >mibdirs /var/lib/mibs /usr/share/mibs
> I think this may be your problem (two problems actually).
> The mibs that are downloaded are installed in subdirectories of
> /usr/share/mibs (or /var/lib/mibs). Mine are in
> /usr/share/mibs/{iana,ietf}.
> Secondly I think that mibdirs needs to be a colon separated list of
> directories.
> mibdirs /usr/share/mibs/ietf:/usr/share/mibs/iana
> That's what I have in my /etc/snmp/snmp.conf and I can resolve the
> standard OIDs.

Well, those were the issues alright.  I suppose I erroneously assumed
that by specifying /var/lib/mibs for mibdirs it would search any
directories /below/ that path for MIBs, I guess this isn't the case.  I
changed my mibdirs to the following:

mibdirs /var/lib/mibs/juniper:/var/lib/mibs/iana:/var/lib/mibs/ietf

And, after changing the delimiter to a colon, OIDs are now translated

Thanks for the help!

- Mark

Mark Kamichoff

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