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Re: hostname of remote computer

Dne, 31. 10. 2010 19:57:22 je Seb napisal(a):

I use SSH to connect to a laptop computer that is in an institutional
network. I would like to set an entry for it in my local /etc/hosts, so that I don't have to type the IP address every time I want to connect to
is and simply use an alias.  As per the man page, /etc/hosts has:

IP_address canonical_hostname [aliases]

To get the canonical_hostname I thought I'd easily get it by typing
"dnshostname" when logged into the remote laptop, but that returns
nothing, and "domainname" returns '(none)'.  How should this
canonical_hostname be specified in this case?

Any name you come up with will work, if hard-coded into your /etc/hosts. Of course, it won't be canonical ...


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